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The National Launching Ceremony of 2020 Vocational Education Activity Week and the Opening Ceremony of the Reform Pilot Competition of National Vocational College Skills Competition were held in our college

On November 8th,the National Launching Ceremony of 2020 VocationalEducation Activity Week and the Opening Ceremony of the Reform PilotCompetition of National Vocational College Skills Competition was held inWeifang Vocational College. Minister of Education Chen Baosheng attended theevent and delivered a speech. Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Liu Jiayiwas present. Song Demin, Director of the General Office of the Ministry ofEducation; Liu Changya, Director of the Development and Planning Department ofthe Ministry of Education; Guo Peng, Director of the Finance Department of theMinistry of Education; Chen Ziji, Director of the Department of VocationalEducation and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education; Zhou Wei, DeputyDirector and first-level inspector of the Department of Vocational Educationand Adult Education of the Ministry of Education; Wang Yangnan, Director of theInstitute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry ofEducation; Zeng Tianshan and Liu Baomin, Deputy Directors of the Institute ofVocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education; LengZhiming, Deputy Director of the Publicity and Education Bureau of the PublicityDepartment of the CPC Central Committee; Yan Weige, Deputy Director of theHuman Resources and Education Department of the Ministry of Industry andInformation Technology; Li Qin, second-class inspector of the Science andTechnology Education Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and RuralAffairs; Chang Yuchun, Deputy Director of the First Bureau of EnterpriseLeadership Management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and AdministrationCommission of the State Council; Fang Naichun, Secretary of the PartyLeadership Group and Director General of China Vocational EducationAssociation; Yu Jie, Member of the Standing Committee, Minister of thePropaganda Department and Secretary of the Education Working Committee of theProvincial Party Committee; Liu Qiang, Member of the Standing Committee andSecretary General of the Provincial Party Committee.Deng Yunfeng, ExecutiveDeputy Secretary of Shandong Provincial Education Working Committee, Secretaryof the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Education, XingShunfeng, Chief Inspector of the Provincial Department of Education; WuJianhua, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Education;Hui Xin’an, Secretary of the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee; Tian Qingying,Deputy Secretary and mayor of the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee; Li Lanxiang,member of the CPC Standing Committee and Secretary General of the CPC WeifangMunicipal Committee; Li Ping, Vice Mayor of Weifang; Ma Yueqi, Secretary of theParty Committee of the college, Wang Jiayai, President of the college, membersof the Party and government leading groups, representatives of industries,enterprises and colleges participated in the activity. Chen Ziji presided overthe ceremony.

Chen Baosheng said inhis speech that the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee hasput forward higher requirements for vocational education. The purpose of thisactivity is to carry out the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of a practicalaction, but also to test the results of Shandong vocational educationinnovation and development highland construction. Over the past year, theconstruction of Shandong vocational education highland has made a majorbreakthrough, and the "Shandong Model" has been basically finalized.At present, the National Vocational Education Conference is being prepared, andthe Vocational Education Law is being revised. Shandong's experience providespractical development support, and some successful practices have been promotedto the whole country. This year's national vocational skills contest was apilot reform. Through this contest, we hope to target the future of thedevelopment of Chinese vocational skills, and to promote upgrading of thevocational education standard constantly, better promote the achievementstransformation, technology and personnel training. During the period of the14th Five-Year Plan, we should make vocational education become the endogenous powerof economy to improve the quality of living, to integrate skill into cultureand form a strong atmosphere in which the state attaches importance to skills,the society advocates skills, and everyone learns skills and to build askills-based society.  

Yu Jie, member of theStanding Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee, minister of the PropagandaDepartment and secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee of Education, said inhis speech that since the launch of the Ministry of Vocational EducationInnovation and Development highland work, provinces, cities, counties and collegeshave been fully linked and comprehensively promoted the implementation ofvarious reform tasks. Practice has fully proved that vocational education canplay a promising role in promoting the optimization and adjustment of thestructure of education, disciplines and specialties, and personnel training,and helping to build a new pattern of development. The opening ceremony of theNational Vocational Education Activity Week and 37 pilot competitions will beheld in Shandong, which will greatly promote the development of Shandongvocational education and the cultivation of applied talents. We will do ourbest to guarantee the service, and take this competition as an opportunity toaccelerate the construction of the national vocational education innovation anddevelopment highland.  

At the opening ceremony,teachers and students of vocational colleges and representatives of industriesmade speeches, and representatives of the competition took the oath. ChenBaosheng, Liu Jiayi, Leng Zhiming, Yan Weige, Li Qin, Chang Yuchun, Fang Naichun,Hui Xin’an, jointly launched the opening ceremony of 2020 Vocational EducationActivity Week and National Vocational College Skills Competition Reform PilotCompetition.  

The theme of this year'sVocational Education Week is "Everyone is outstanding, skills power thecountry". During the activity week, a number of national activities willbe organized, including the pilot competition of National Vocational CollegeSkills Competition, the "civilization talent" activity of vocationalcolleges, and the theme publicity of the vocational education activity week, tofully display the innovative achievements and typical cases of vocationaleducation in promoting employment and entrepreneurship, and college-enterprisecooperation.  

During the exhibition,Chen Baosheng and Liu Jiayi came to the activity site of Vocational EducationActivity Week, visited the participating colleges, enterprise display boardsand students' skills and talents show, visited the training center of ourcollege, and inspected the on-going industrial design technology competitionand horticultural competition competition organized by our college. (Contributed by Qu Faying)  















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