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Our International Student Won the Second Prize in the Chinese Classics Reciting Contest for Foreign Students in Shandong Province

On December 18th, the 2020 Chinese Classics Reciting Contest for Foreign Students in Shandong Province, organized by the Office of Shandong Language Commission and Shandong Education TV, was held in Shandong Education TV Station. Fourteen international students from the province took part in this competition. Our international student Khojiakbar won the second prize.   

The competition had three parts: talent show, question-and-answer and speech. Khojiakbar showed his knowledge and understanding of Chinese traditional culture by performing the talent show "Chinese Kungfu -- Tai Chi Fan", which won high praise from the judges. His speech "We Stand with China in the Fight Against the Epidemic" told the story of the care given to the international students by the leaders and teachers of our college during the epidemic.   

The competition demonstrated the Chinese proficiency and comprehensive level of ourinternational students, and enhanced the influence of our students in colleges and universities in the province. (Contributed by QinJiahui)   



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